Relaxing Back Massage

Massage Sessions

Massage has been used to treat, energize, and soothe the mind and body for generations, affecting all of the vital organs while also assisting the muscles, joints, and surrounding tissues in good health.

If your physical or emotional health is challenged, relaxation massage can eliminate the production of stress chemicals in the body. Relaxation massage helps increase circulation, relaxes the nervous system, helps reduce heart rate and lowers stress levels.

Back Massage


A Back Massage is the ideal stress reliever as it helps relax the nervous system leaving you re-balanced, refreshed and better able to cope with your busy and stressful lifestyle.

Using essential oils to assist in the relief of built up tension in shoulders and back.

30mins - $50

Full Body Massage

This beautiful relaxing massage targets the back, neck, shoulders and lower body. Using only the finest 100% natural oils specifically chosen for each client. This massage relaxes and lengthens tight muscle groups using gentle pressure and can aid sleep and digestion.

45mins to 1hr - $80

Relaxing Back Massage

Aromatherapy Body Massage

Our most relaxing and healing full body and scalp massage using essential oils to balance the body and revive the senses. A combination of massage, reiki, reflexology and spiritual healing is customised to suit individual needs. A truly relaxing experience, like no other.

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils for both mental and physical well being and dates back to Egyptian times. The essential oils are extracted from both plants and trees which have their own therapeutic and spiritual properties.

45mins to 1hr - $80

reiki pic.png

Massage & Reiki

Combining the therapeutic healing potential of both modalities to get amazing results. The chakra balancing, deep energetic purification of reiki plus the soothing benefits of a relaxation massage brings about a powerful healing session.

With energy healing of intuitive guidance and aromatherapy, to give the whole being a deep relaxation of mind and body.

45mins to 1hr - $80