False Truths

Tormented by the past

Conflicted emotions

Lost and confused

Dreaming of a different time

Of love, kindness and gentle touches

Staring out across the calm water

Turmoil deep within, no rest

Can't focus - too much outer energy

Beneath a shade of a tree

Cooling the broken and fragmented mind

The harshness of the sun beating down

Exhausted, numb and tired

The push and pull of life

Of love and heartbreak

No stillness to reach

Changes everywhere

Difficult to move with them

Burdened by the struggles around me

Within me shattered, crashing against the shore

Faith being tested

Showers of gentle rain

Droplets of tears running down my face

Emotions pulsing through the heaviness

Of choices.... doubt, fear

No easy direction to see

Water is clear, you can see beneath the surface

The turbulence I feel

Shredded illusion of my reality

Of being drawn back to a false comfort

Of false truths, that are not mind

So much … lost

Yet so much to gain

Breaking through the hurt, anger and distorted lies

Moving past the barriers of restrictions

Drifting past the troubled, angry waves.

25th April 2021

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