Meditation & My Journey

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

Meditation comes easy to some, but not for everyone. I, myself have struggled continuously to maintain any form of daily routine. So...... here is my story.

A Shift to Change

In my twenties, I struggled with life in general, raising three children on my own and facing the daily difficulties and worries. Diagnosed with depression, my doctor wanted me to take medication (I did for a couple of weeks only to find this made things worse). I chose to go to a psychologists where he introduced me to a couple of books, which changed my direction in life. Not to say I still didn't have my struggles but it was a step forward.

A few years later and many stories in between my youngest daughter and I moved to the Sunshine Coast. This is where I discovered a new life, spiritual meaning and meditation. I started by attending a small Spiritual Church at Landsborough run by a beautiful soul (who has since passed). I attended many workshops around spiritual development and of course meditation. From there I just couldn't get enough and needed to know more. I started my search for a teacher, course or something more.

I found a Meditation Course and studied for a couple of years, learning various techniques. I was doing great with a regular meditation routine and even started running a meditation class. This lasted a couple of years, then life took a turn - trauma - in the likes of a flood. I was back to struggling once again and all meditation practices were out the window. There is a lot more to this story of course, however what I discovered was that every time there was a trauma, emotional event or some other distraction, meditation became a chore. I lost my focus and negativity took hold. This is where I should have held onto my meditation practices and allowed it to help me through the trauma. Only at the time it wasn't even on my radar.

Lets jump forward to today, almost 10 years later, the struggle with meditation is still very real, however I find my moments of peace (Meditation) in other ways. Meditation can be practiced in many different ways:

  • sitting on the floor with your legs crossed and hands in prayer position

  • walking along a beach

  • doing something creative

  • movement/ dancing

  • being mindful

  • laying down and being guided on a journey

Meditation is very different for everyone, so its about finding what works for you. And if you still struggle, that's OK. Start with where you are at, just a couple of minutes a day, close your eyes and focus on your breathing. Deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. Or perhaps you enjoy dancing, crank up the music and dance, maybe its painting or macramé; it doesn't really matter, it's about finding what works for YOU!

You will find your peace, your flow and your healing. Trust in what works for you.

For further information, classes or courses - please contact Katrina on 0403 354 361

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